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    We have had the the Herb Schildt discussion before. Some people like him some dont.
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    Schildt is less on the theories, more on the code. I use his books as more of a reference, and learn the theories from the courses I'm taking.

    The C++ complete reference and MFC from the ground up are probably the two best references I've read on each respective subject.

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    I'm in AB right now.. and It's real easy for me (I knew C++ real well before taking it) but people in my class have a harder time, so for anybody out there I'd recommend having a good grasp on C++ before beginning. My teacher is strong on theory but weak in C++ (the only language she's "mastered" is Pascal) I recommended the Schildt book to her for this reason, and it seems to be helping her and the rest of the class out a lot.

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