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    Originally posted by Xei
    Might be your experience, but it doesnt mean that colleges teach less than universitys.

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    >>> huh?

    Well said that man! (This is getting to be a habit!)

    To me, a university is one or more colleges.
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    Without question, go to a University. Most colleges have different organizations within the college to get you real world experience while earning your degree. I'm a sophomore and I'm working on consulting jobs given by the school. So I'm making good money, earning my degree, and getting real world experience. You can't beat that.

    Besides, if you entered the IT industry right now, you'll be sitting around with thousands of other people with degrees. All of you will be competing for the same job and those with the degree and experience will get the job.

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    I recently read something in carreers class that said average salaries:
    No College 25000^
    College 40000^
    (per year USD salaries)
    If you cant afford schooling, theres always the military, and fortunately for me, I have alot of time to think this stuff over.

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