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    Warp drive

    For those who like physics and astronomy.
    I found this article and whant to know your opinion on this subject.
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    I'l come back to this when i have my university math degree.

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    That whole document summarised is basically:
    Warp drives are theoretical devices that can shrink the space-time in front and enlarge the space time behind, allowing a pseudo-faster than light travel. (though physically nothing *can* exceed the speed of light (refer to Einstein's theory of GR), an achievable speed can seem faster than the speed of light in relation to objects outside the warp bubble).

    Though the theory has been around for a while, it's widely known that the energy taken to achieve a usable warp bubble exceeds the energy content of the whole universe. (keeping in mind energy == matter [interchangible]) so for our transportation needs of the future, warp isn't an option imo.

    Forgive me if I didn't summarize it with a passing competence. Literature is not my strength.
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