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    small HTML question

    using html, you can say:

    <form action="">

    but that opens up outlook express or some other program to send the data. how would you make it so it automatically sends the data to the email address without opening up the persons email application or something like that?
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    Maybe that's right...
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    Do you mean a web based email client?

    You would need a program to format the email and send it on...there are loads of ways to do this depending on what you want to achieve......

    I wrote a similar client for my website using a HTML form linked to a java servlet.....It works ok, but I still need to add the capability to send attachments with it...I know some MIME and Base64, and I have the idea in my mind of how to do it, but I'm too lazy to complete it at the moment....

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    I use a common gateway interface with PERL. Actually, you can find many canned format form mail scripts. The best I have seen is at Matt's Script Archive. Do a search for that. You must have cgi access on your webserver and have a perl compiler on the server. I look for that when I find an Web Host Provider.

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    if your webserver supports ASP, then i suggest you use that, take a look at or and search in the asp sections for an asp-mail example
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    you can try the following as well they have some source code for sending email using CDO - i have just been doing this and would have posted my code but i have now changed the web page to logon to an exchange server first and interogate the public folders (until my IIS fell over!!!)
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