Thread: Is the US a democracy? If so, when did it become one?

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    >In the Netherlands registration of a political party costs about 500 euro when you want your political party to act on national level.

    if im not mistaken it should be free here, but who knows.

    not it takes money to buy air time on radio, tv, etc, banners, paying you campaign people, all that crap, and you have to do it it 50 states, and god knows how many cities, it costs some serious money.

    Not a flame, but I think that's the case - he was paying lip service to environmentalists to try to quiet them down a little after things like logging rule changes and drilling for oil in Alaska.

    well sounds logical and probably is the case, but im hoping he's funding this for the right reasons, and that doesn't necessarily mean environmentalists causes.
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    Socialism is about bringing everyone down to the same poverty and depression level. I have never myself seen a happy or content socialist - they are always have something to criticize and get angry about and they provide no solutions to any of the problems they see - those are the ppl we see at protests.
    Bringing everyone down at the same poverty is not socialism, that is communism. Or even worse, state-capitalism. That is worse. In the USSR and the old eastern-European countries there was no communism, but state-capitalism. The people were kept poor, but the government was rich. Just think about Cheaucescu.

    I am a very happy socialist and I know a lot people here in the Netherlands, also being socialist and being very happy. And we have reason to be happy, we live in a free and rich country. But, I will not ignore the problems there are, also here in the Netherlands.

    For example: a right-wing government has made the medical care a private issue. This lead to competition between hospitals and medical assurance agencies. This lead to higher prices of medical products and the managers of the hospitals wanted the hospitals to be lucrative. Hospitals had to cut down expenses because things costed too much. So currently, medical care is best accessible for those who can afford it and not for those who can not afford it.

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    Get everyone an as equal start as possible. Then, release them, and let them do whatever they want with their own lives, as long as they don't hurt anyone else.

    That's my opinion.

    Sweden is a quite successful socialist nation, with a high amount of freedom of speech, too.

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    I think voting is pretty stupid. The electoral college is the ones that actually put the president into office. The popular vote rarely has any pull.

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