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    Book Question

    I am looking for a book that explains the basics of templates in C++. Any suggestions?

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    The C++ Programming Langauge by the man himself, Bjarne Stroupstrup.
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    This book is the best C++ book for beginner/intermediate bar none:

    C++ Primer Third Edition by Lippman and Lajoie

    There is also an an answer solution guide:

    C++ Primer Answer Book by Tondo and Leung

    And as far as an advanced template book:

    Modern C++ Design by Alexandrescu

    These are both proven books but the advanced template book is a couple years ahead of compiler technology. You need to integrate a library provieded by the author called 'Loki'.

    Have I read these books. Ofcourse not because I have way too many books although I looked through C++ Primer and do plan to read it very soon. Awesome book.

    Have you head about D&E? Design and Evolution? Written by Bjourne Stroustrup. Creator of the C++ language. This one tells you what the difference between C and C++ is. The real story. Also his other book 'The C++ Programming Language Special Ediition'. This is an advanced C++ book. It also covers templates. Too tough though for most people.

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    i find that C++ In Plain English is a good choice for a C++ reference. I use it alot: it's very helpful.

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