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    Originally posted by Eibro
    The .NET compiler can compile managed or unmanaged C++ code.
    I know that, And thank god.

    Also, it all depends on what enviroment the programs are running in, as the size of the smaller executables running in win32 will have as much meaning as damonbrinkleys python program. The size of the exe/com/whatever will probably pale into insignificance compared with the amount of extra code used by the o/s to carry out the program (either in dlls or because it's using the VDM).
    Yes, But i'm using the same headers supplied with MSVC++ 6, So
    what's with the big file size?

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    The libraries that are linked (and the versions linked to ie debug is bigger)

    My non MFC app written in MSVC v6 in C for WIN32 is 400K release and 1200K debug.

    It is around 40,000 lines of code (not counting libraries and standard headers). It is a sort of a fully featured browser (just for a special site).
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