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    Summer programs

    i just got information about this summer program called upward bound that is going to be in St. Louis, MO this summer for kids with an aptitude in math and science. It is a six week program that i am strongly considering doing. not to metion that it is free. and its free. but anyways i was wondering if there are any good free camps in the midwest that center more on computers or more specifically on programming that i could attend this summer?

    if you have attend this upward bound program in the past and could tell me your opinion of it that would be great too.
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    I go to a program called the Governer's Program for Gifted Children. It's certainly not free, but it's not very expensive, like $1000 for room, board, lessons, income, etc for 7 weeks.
    I had alot of fun there. I like the university library.
    Mmm, shelves of advanced computer books. *drool*
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