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Thread: Cell Phones

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    Well, you said this

    I think its just worthless, i mean games, pictures,sms,voicemail,logo's and hell alot other things.
    That is what I referred to. Anyway, all customer electronics, not only mobile phones, are equipped with things which you at first thought wouldn't expect to be present on that kind of electronics. Just take a look at watches, TV's etc.

    I can imagine people getting tired of all those things on devices, which make using those devices sometimes quite complex and I can imagine very well people don't know what to do with all those things on their phones. I think that that most people use just a little set of all functionalities their product offers them. Not that it is bad, it just shows that a lot of features are useless to most people.

    At least, here in Europe. I have read that new things are getting almost immediately popular in Japan. In Japan a lot of people use for example I-Mode for quite a long time now, and well, here in the Netherlands I don't know anyone using it.

    I realise that my point of view is a bit prejudiced. For me creating software for such devices is just my work, and I like to create such software, so I would be more worried if people stopped using it and manufacturers stopped producing it and stopped giving me work to do.

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    SMS is a superb invention-really useful.

    I got me a t100 samsung. Everything on this modern phone IS useful to me. Bright colour is easier to see than lcd screen.

    Polyphonic sounds are WAY, WAY easier to hear if there is background noise etc.

    And so on.
    Such is life.

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