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    I can compete with the 5 year old...
    When I was 5 my stepdad bought me an old 386 with DOS.
    I sat there on it and played with it (lots of words, I LOVED to read)
    I eventually started playing with the cd command, and found a games directory
    The I fiigured out how to play moon goose and family fued.
    I eventually lost interest.
    A year and a half later, my parents bought a computer with windows... I thought the windows logo was so amazing...
    I changed it to the words "Dusty's Old Computer".
    I got grounded for a week and was forced to draw a new windows logo for it.
    Always have used the command prompt to browse the computer.

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    When I was five, I was using GeoWorks and playing Betrayal at Krondor....

    ...a'course there was no innernet

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    I didn't have a comp till I was hmm...around 3rd grade maybe... At five, I was playing nintendo...the original nes(ah, those were the days)... The first time I was exposed to comps was keyboarding in 3rd grade. Now, I find it hard to live without...

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    When I was 5, I was devising ways to steal the GI joes from my kintergarden toy box.

    >>Yes, that's scary.

    What's more scary is the people who give their 5 year-old children an e-mail account (or even use one), let alone even allowing them access to the internet!

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    When i was eight, i played Heretic

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    Originally posted by RoD
    me too....
    I was a little older than 5, but hell yeah
    -Some random Debian Distro
    -Some version of MS-Dos
    -Day of the Tentacle

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    When I was five, I played with Lego bricks.
    Wave upon wave of demented avengers march cheerfully out of obscurity unto the dream.

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    That was back when they really were made out of brick

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    Originally posted by Travis Dane
    When i was eight, i played Heretic
    Oh ya!
    Doom, Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Quake. I played em all.
    I had so much trouble on Doom2 because I hadn't learned how to strafe well. Now I can beat it on UltraViolence no sweat.

    When I was 5 I used to play on my Dad's Amiga. Bard's Tale, all the Cinemaware games, I loved em. My Dad recently bought an Amiga 3000 and is havign fun messing with it.
    By the time I was 8 or 9 I had begun to seriously explore computers, so my parents said I should start programming. They left it to me to decide on a language. Unfortunately, I stumbled onto QBASIC. Ack. Soon thereafter my Dad began showing me Delphi. It was great because it allowed the creation of GUI applications with a pretty good language for a learner (Pascal). After awhile I decided to learn C++. I think I was... about 11 or 12 at this point. At first it was slightly... different. But soon I came to realise... thing are EASIER with C++! I love classes, being one to organize things a bit TOO much, they are perfect for me.
    -Save the whales. Collect the whole set.

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    I think i should've started programming earlier, I started with
    programming at an age of 14, Meaning i started from the
    beginning with QuickBasic (Urgh!). Luckely i can compensate
    my loss with some other things i did like Map creating for
    Q,Q2,Q3,Half Life,Sin but it wasn't statisfying enough. What's
    better then building your own maps on your own engine?

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    Originally posted by adrianxw
    When I was five, I played with Lego bricks.
    u stopped? i didn't....

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    When I was 5 I had to work down t'pit all day. Then I swept chimneys.

    Then I played with my meccano set. Lego sucks/is for girls.
    Such is life.

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    My father bought my the first computer when I was 7 years old, but I really didn't get to them until I was 12 or 13.
    but know my 9 years old brother is very good user...

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    I can tell I'm the young one here

    Let's see here

    Age 3: Addicted to SNES
    Age 4: Got our first computer. It was a 486 33MHz with 8MB RAM and Windows 3.1
    Age 4: Addicted to Wolfenstein 3D
    Age 5: Started messing around with batch files
    Age 6: Apple/II BASIC
    Age 7: QBASIC
    Age 7: Started playing Doom, although I wasn't supposed to. I just played it when I was home alone and uninstall it when my parents come home.
    Age 11: Started making engine mods for Wolfenstein 3D
    Age 11: Got new computer 500 MHz AMD K6-2 with 64MB RAM and Win98
    Age 12: Started C++
    Age 13: Got a so-so grasp of C++
    Age 13: Upgraded from Win98 to WinXP Home
    Age 14: Started learning a lot of boolean math
    Age 14: Started learning electronics and electrical circuits
    Age 14: Started learning digital circuits
    Age 14: Got a firm grasp of C++
    Age 14: Bought my first graphics card. GeForce4 MX 64MB. I had on-board b4 that
    Age 14: Started Win32 API stuff
    Age 14: Got a pirated version of Microsoft Visual Studio 6 (shhhh!)
    Age 15: Not there yet!

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    Motorcity Capital
    When I was 5 I used to play in a sand box. And had fun. I've built casstles that looked like ........... But now... I'm the king of the world.

    And by the way, I grew up in Russian, soviet union back then (ukraine now). And I didn't know comps even existed. I always dreamed of seeing a lamborghini when I was 10 and then I realized I'll never drive one.

    Now I'm on the top level, I aint got no goals but the next is to take over microsoft.!
    From Ukraine with love!

    Internationally known widely respected

    - Digitally yourz -

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