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    Talking My Poem.

    The lollipop is crying.
    Nevermore. Nevermore.
    I've got the gun.
    I'll do it! I said I would!
    Now the lollipop is there...
    It's crying.
    For me.
    For me.
    Wait! There's still hope!
    The lollipop misses you.
    Must we cry?
    Of course.
    Take it.
    Take the gun.
    You're in the darness now!
    Oh, wait...
    That's just a duck.
    Crying. Crying.
    There's no more food.
    Why'd he do it?
    Fix the lint.
    It's your fault.
    The war ensues...
    The nacho king has failed.
    What do you guys think?

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    it made me cry to be honest

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    Thank you. Most readers were moved to tears. I was no exception.

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    The only thing that makes me cry, is your "word processor"

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    Originally posted by BMJ
    The only thing that makes me cry, is your "word processor"
    Gimme a break, that was my first try at it, EVER

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    It's.... just not web-worthy!

    Sorry... I still love you

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    I didn't cry!

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    A lot of people think my poems are good, so I'm going to put a few up. If some of you like them, then I'll put the more up. Btw, I usually write my poems in around 15 minutes; I can come up with words very easily.

    Drift Away

    Canít seem to find this
    Itís so far away
    Rising behind the clouds
    Burning in my heart
    The closer I get the worse it feels
    Feeling so tired
    Leaving this behind
    But seeing into the sky
    It only brings me closer
    Maybe if I can get to the ending
    Get past the part of far away friend
    And seize my body to your glow
    Letting myself fall into the flame
    Nobody but me to blame
    Donít know how this came
    What exactly is this
    A fiery sensation in my mind
    Like no other kind
    The burn turns me to shame
    My body comes to a fall
    Will you catch me before I go too far
    Sunken into a deep haze of agony
    Nothing to show
    Blurred vision and not anything to see
    What exactly is this
    Show me the way now
    The burn you give to me is all I have left
    Let the flame come upon me
    Burn my body away
    And watch it float to a fatal existence
    But even in death I will feel the burn
    I will suffer from it forever
    Now burn my body and drift away
    Simply drift, drift away


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    Not much left to say
    Confusion has overtaken my body
    Today should be a lovely day with you
    Instead Iím going to be here all alone with nobody
    It really could be a lot different
    But there appears to be nothing I can do to change it
    My high spirit is down for now
    For you and I have taken a real low

    What was your real intent
    Maybe this was all a waste of time
    But I donít believe that to be so
    It may be at itís end
    But to see it end is better than to see it never to have started

    Where are we to go from here
    Should I try to steer clear of you
    Like you have done to me many of times
    My poem full of rhymes did little to sway you over to me
    Maybe I need to let us be

    A tragic it has to end over such a silly thought
    Only if you knew that I am different
    Tried to show through many ways
    To no avail you looked at me and laughed
    Thought nothing of what I had to say
    Went on with yourself
    And left me behind with no consideration of how I feel
    It for sure will take time to heal

    I guess now is the time I say good-bye
    To let you and I perish
    And to never look back at the girl I so dearly cherish
    Farewell my lady love


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    Light raises my desire.
    Why I'm so trapped in darkness.
    No meaning to life.
    No reason to be here.
    But I can't get away.
    No matter how hard I try it stays.
    I hide but still there by my side.
    It stays in a black cloud over my head.
    Raining on me forever.
    Nothing like you can imagine.
    Empty thoughts filled with pain.
    But I won't let it bring me down.
    Even though the pain rips and tears me apart.
    Light raises my desire.


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    tin foil

    i like chewing tinfoil
    tinfoil tinfoil
    tinfoil tinfoil

    i chew tinfoil
    chew chew
    chew chew

    i like chewing tinfoil
    it tastes like polos

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    Brian is my favorite poet on this thread so far.

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    Aah, I get sick of most poems with there so called fake feelings,
    It's all bull.

    The world is full of bad things and whe are at the top of the list
    so don't you go act like you care soooo much.

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    Well, this was in my pocket that I scribbled on a sunglasses warranty a couple days ago. Its not a particular favorite, but its near me so I dont have to get up or look for anything so...

    Leisurly people
    Smoke past steel and brick
    Rain on them
    	while I listen to
    Unaffected man
    Uninhibited or unsure
    	of his sex
    "There's always another way"
    -lightatdawn (

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    Coffee is my true love.
    Carefully hold her.
    Bitter and sweet, sometimes hot and sometimes cold.
    Others may play and sleep, but we are in love.
    The sun rises to us and the stars are with us.

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