Thread: This is my last night on this computer.

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    hehe yup. I stumbled on it while checking if I had any pms. Pretty nifty thing.
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    Don't bump old threads, genius
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    I don't mean to bump this ancient thread any more, but I did what to answer some questions some people have had.

    In case you couldn't tell by my posts in this and the C++ forum, I am back online. A few months ago, a friend of mine gave me his old computer running Windows 95--very old. I used that up until just a week or two ago mostly just for AIM. I didn't have the RAM necessary to install the Dev compiler, and I had a severe case of senioritis that didn't make me feel like doing much work like coding. Recently, in a surprise move by my mother, she bought me a brand new computer for college. If you knew my mom, you'd be just as surprised as I was.

    Anyhoo, now I have a spiffy, brand new, computer I've named Speedy. Just a few days ago I downloaded the Dev compiler and IDE, and I've gotten back to checking out the C Board on a regular basis. Sometime soon my friend is gonna get me Mandrake to install. So yeah, I'm getting back into the programming swing of things. This fall I'll be majoring in mathematics and computer science at Drexel University.

    And in case anyone was wondering, no I didn't sabotage my school's computer in any way.

    Now that all of that is said and done, please let this thread die with some dignity.

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    Don't bump old threads ZakkWylde969. Maybe it's time to read the guidelines to this board. It's the sticky at the top.

    Anyway, thanks for the Update JoshDick

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