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    >>Wow, V12, 6 dual carbs, 0-215mph in 25 seconds.

    sure, its fast, but how much of that speed can it do in a hairpin turn? Thats what i mean by handle...


    lol, the only problem with my car is i'm so paranoid it'll get stolen, wrecked, or otherwise.

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    The civic is a great car, and an economical one also, and although is light it's stable on the road, and that's what I like about it.
    But I prefer American cars, I think they are the best, especially old ones, between the 70's and the 80's.

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    Any car?

    This one!!

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    Stolen car can be warded off by doing what my friend's dad does with his corvette. He has two separate rows of hidden switches that need to be in the correct positions to start the car.

    Oh, one of my friends on my team has a vette, with a new engine, and she says, "Well, I guess its a good car, it gets me to school and back."
    Guess what all the guys are doing? ::drooling:: (careful not to drool on the car)
    The only good thing about freezing beyond feeling in the final Nordic ski race was that I couldn't feel that tumble I did going about 30 mph, maybe more.
    On the other hand, not feeling any part of my body for 30 minutes was scary, especialy for my manhood.

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