Thread: Timeline for prospective game developers

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    Timeline for prospective game developers

    I know this thread doesn't have much purpose, but I've been seeing so many other 'how many hours per day do you spend on the computer' type threads, so I figure I'm not setting any lameness records. Anyway, I just wanted to see other people's opinions, what do you think is a realistic 'timeline' for someone who is looking to get into the gaming industry. I.E when you started programming, what you've accomplished before heading off to college, etc etc. I would imagine none of this to be written in stone, because it basically comes down to how good you are capable of becoming, I guess. Well, let's hear your opinions.

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    My plan is to learn as much as possible before I graduate (in 3.5 months ), then go to college majoring in Software Engineering. During this time I'm going to get a job at any computer related business I can (along with programming stuff on my own). After that I'm going to apply to PC game developers or possible start up a business (I know this sounds overly optimistic, but I've got passion for computer). Not really a time line...but my loose plan.

    A very good college for game programming:

    "The best way to get answers is to just keep working the problem, recognizing when you are stalled, and directing the search pattern.....Don’t just wait for The Right Thing to strike you – try everything you think might even be in the right direction, so you can collect clues about the nature of the problem."
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    i went to the open house... looks great. i plan on attending.
    I came up with a cool phrase to put down here, but i forgot it...

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    fullsail is for game design not programming. It also only offers a 2 year program. If you really want to be a game programmer check out this school called "DigiPen Institute of Technology" in Redmond, WA. It offers a bachelors in Real Time Interactive Simulation. I hear it's a really good school

    Check it out
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    Digipen will drive u mad, 14 hour days ::shiver::

    I plan to get my bach in Application Development, and my masters in Computer Science. On my own i plan to study game development very very closely, as my main field of study(no degree for the moment in it). After graduation on my App Dev degree, i plan to join six other very close friends(three programmers, and three computer model artists also attending colleges) to start our gaming company.

    Its a far stretch to success but we have always wanted our own game company, and god willing we'll have it and not be in debt. Our goal isn't to be rich, it'd be really cool, but rather to make games like Half-Life that people really enjoy.

    Theres my hope for the future.

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