Thread: Chat server/client trial -- anyone interested?

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    Chat server/client trial -- anyone interested?

    anyone with linux want to test out my very primitive chat client with the chat server?

    compile the 'client.c' file from the zip attached:

    gcc -o client client.c -lpthread
    then execute it, and it should connect to the server. let me know if anyone wants to try it, and when, so i can start the server. the server.c code is just for people who want to look at it.

    anyone here who knows java, are you interested in writing up a small client?

    (btw, this version is newer than the one posted in the networking forum at flashdaddee. don't use that one now.)

    this is the first step toward a new flashdaddee chat client/server program thingy... i'm just testing my ideas out.

    since half of this code is borrowed from tutorials and such, i guess it would be only fair to say that anyone here can use this code for whatever use.

    i'll start the server at 8:00 PM EST or before-hand, if any linux users want to connect, too. beware: it is buggy, and the client is messy, being console-only. to connect, just run the client program.

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    It'll be a nice thing to try in a few hours.....after I install linux. Do you have an AIM name so I can talk to you about it?

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    I would be interested in porting it into an Java Applet.....,

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    Sounds interesting. I might have a look at it here in a while.

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