Thread: Resumes over Email.

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    Resumes over Email.

    Just wondering, have any of you ever sent your resume over
    email? If so, did you send it in HTML, or Plain Text? Or, did
    you send it as an attachment?..

    There's this Data Entry Clerk job (snoozzzee) I'm trying to get,
    and they said to send your resume by January 24th. In their
    ad they give their mail-address, fax-number, and email-address.
    Since today is the 23rd, I really don't think regular mail will get
    there in time. I also don't have a fax machine (I think there's
    some fax thingie on my computer, but I don't know how it works).
    Anywho, I'm going to send it by email...

    Blah, blah, blah. I'm thinking of sending my resume in plain text in
    the body. It looks ugly in plain text, though. Nothing is in bold.
    Should I send it in plain text or HTML? People always flamed me
    when I posted to Usenet in HTML (way back when)... So, just
    wondering. What's the best thing to do?
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    I cannot remember the last time I sent a CV as a printed document. Invariably I attach it to the covering mail as a .doc - never had a problem, people can always, at least read a .doc with WordPad.

    It is probably true to say, I would not be bothering sending a CV to someone who I didn't think could read a .doc.
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    I agree... an attachment is probably your easiest and best way to send it. Like adrian said, a .doc can be opened with wordpad. I'm guessing you dont' have access to the Adobe suite, but that's probably the best format to send it in, as anyone can download the viewer and it's a universal document type between OSes.
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    You should have a copy in both Word format and plain text. Generally I would ask first which format they wanted otherwise send it as an attachment in both Word and plain text format. Some companies have email filters that won't allow Word format so the plain text is a good bet.
    I like the pdf format idea too. If you don't have the Adobe suite you could use the free GhostScript tools.
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    RTF sounds good. Word Compatible for dummies, formatted, with no Macro Viruses.

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    I think it should be sent in the body of the email. Although you cant get a virus from an attatched .txt file, some companies may ignore any email that has an attatchement.

    They may not even personally read it, but put it into a database and use it for a keyword search..., in that case format doent matter.

    Good Luck

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    you might concider taking it over there in person.

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    .pdf's are good for this

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