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    Shooting yourself

    Now this may start something (I kind of hope that it does 'cause I'm kind of bored)

    But anyways I saw something real interesting yesterday.

    Apparently Israeli soldiers killed some Palestinian terrorists trying to set up a bomb.

    So at the funeral for the Palestinians they did what they do at these things- they were firing guns into the air.

    One of the bullets came down and struck someone in the head. In the article it said they were in critical condition.

    Now I don't find the violence in the mideast humorous but man, you would think if anybody would know it is stupid to shoot up in the air, it would be people who spend their lives shooting at/getting shot at by other people.

    Go figure.
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    Coder could probobly tell you why. You can ask here
    or leave a message on the Religion Forum @

    I gree with you. Even a people engaged in a so-called
    holy war should have enough sense to leave their
    weapons home when they go to funerals and other
    types of celebrations. Remember when the ayatollah
    Kohmenei died? News reports said the crowd of
    faithful caused his coffin to fall to the ground, and
    when it did it opened up. But I'm sure what seems
    so strange to us in America can be properly explained
    by Coder. He seems to have all the answers.

    rick barclay
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    Now, I don't want to start another religious thread, but...

    What are the people carrying guns doing there ?
    It's a funeral. Are they police ? Hopefully not, they
    are running around in civilian clothes. Are they military ?
    Hopefully not, again, no sign of uniform or badges.
    So who are they ? Faithful civilians carrying weapons
    made for warfare ? Are they allowed to run around
    with potentially deadly, automatic weapons ?

    I mean do they actually think that while using weapons
    capable of killing a dozen people a minute they will
    go unharmed ?

    I have never lived there. All I know, I know from
    incomplete, subjective media coverage. But let's take
    the most prominent killing examples:

    An Israeli Soldier shot a boy cowering behind an oildrum.
    A palestinian terrorist bombed a bus in Tel Aviv.

    Can you imagine the soldier being sorry ?
    Can you imagine that he would not do it again if
    he had a second chance ?
    I don't think he joined the military to shoot children.
    I don't think he would act the same with hindsight.

    Now can you say the same about the terrorist ?

    I don't know who is right and who is wrong there.
    But no one can win a war in the name of justice using
    methods that are anything but justified.
    I hope they lose and I hope it's quick and bloody,
    because terrorism is despisable and should not
    be tolerated. I don't care if their war has reasons.
    NO reason is good enough to kill a busload of
    innocent people.
    And don't tell me it's about religion. I never read
    their holy book, but I'm sure there is a line like
    'thou shall not kill' in it. And I'm also pretty sure it
    doesn't say 'Exception to rule 1: innocents'
    somewhere in smallprint.

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