Thread: Gay DoS attack need help

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    just a tip disable the syst command under your ftp site...

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    Originally posted by Govtcheez
    > Hell might even do a review for GC's board when I've finished it (If he is still doing that?)

    Absolutely - I've been trying to find time to get my new site up on the new domain, but haven't had time to redesign it like I want to. I've got 2 reviews in stasis right now ([stealth]'s review of the POTA book, and SoccerMom's review of NHL2K2) that'll be up as soon as I do it. Also waiting for a couple other reviews from people (you know who you are...)
    You see, the problem is... I've been reading
    slowly. My original plan was to read 1 chapter
    a day, but my stupid job. I get sooo tired. So I
    put it off until my weekend. But during my weekend,
    I get so caught up with other stuff I'm working

    Anyway, I'm almost finished. I promise, I'll have
    the review done by the end of November. It'll
    be the best review ever! I'm trying to work up
    the courage to quit my job. My supervisor is just
    so cool, though. That's rare.
    Staying away from General.

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