Thread: Why i like Africa..

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    That's the African Lifestyle


    isn't the car too fat????

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    Thats some great engineering, either building the street in middle of a pole, or putting a pole in the middle of the road.

    Have those people never seen a truck before, or are they just trying to see what its max capacity is?

    That must be a before picture, is there an after showing what happens when the truck falls apart or they crash into that pole in the middle of the road.

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    the ending is simple:

    Everyone dies but fat govtcheez, who goes on to moderate at a programming forum.

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    You sure they're not dark-skinned Polacks? I can make out
    "Made in Polski" with my magnafying glass on that top picture.
    No. Wait. Don't hang up!

    This is America calling!

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    LOL!!! Seen Tons of such stuff. Live in South Afica. Believe me. you get thesame dumb-.......... stuff here (not the one with the pole though ) That would be extremely funny!!!
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    Hey, stop pokingk fun at my country!

    You don't see africans making fun of the US just cause you guys were cursed with micro$loth. So stoppe makingk funne of us juste because we vant to make a differense. OOK ? The guys in the bakkie were conserving petrol. Gasoline as you call it. The driver probably charged a small amount for each passenger, thereby being an entrepeneur. There's no shame in making money.

    As for the telephone pole in the middle of the street... Why do you think cars were made with steering wheels? A pole in the road is nothing compared to some potholes we have. Every now and then a car just dissapears into the road. Cars swerve around. No big deal.

    Drivers here are getting so vicious that it won't be long before cars are armoured with roof mounted rocket launchers and side mounted AK-47s. Mark my words. Drivers here are INSANE.

    I should know: I'm one of them

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