Thread: The world needs to change

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    The world needs to change

    I was thinking today (look out ) and I've come to a conclusion.
    The day is far far far to short to accomplish anything. We need to just switch over and implement a business day of sorts. The traditional 24 hours will still constitute a universal day, but we need to make a new day to operate our lives on. See, the 24 hour day has many flaws due to it's short length in time, first you can't get anything done, so then you stay up later, then you get too little sleep, then you're tired the next day and can do even less's a vicious cycle. So I propose the new business day be 48 hours, 24 hours of whatever, and 24 hours dedicated to sleep. Rarely if ever do you get 12 hours of sleep on the standard 24 hour day. Imagine how much better a place the world would be. I think that when I grow up I would like to implement this system on myself (of course I'd have to work up to it, so as to let my body get accustomed to it). If I were able to work on my own, like owning my own business or being a coder for hire etc. then I could swing it, no 9-5, no commitments. The problem is, social stuff would be messed up, for them, they'd see me every other day. For me it would be every day....herein lies the problem; for this system to work to its full effect, then the entire world needs to change and adopt it.
    Who's with me?
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    I just think someone should invent one of those machines from Chrono Trigger.

    You know, the ones that give you a good night's sleep in a few seconds "but you're still hungry"

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    learn to adapt to only getting like 4 hours of sleep a night. also, you can try to set away one day where you can sleep like 10 or more hours. i've been doing it for like a year and a half now, and i'm very well adapted to it now. almost to the point where it doesn't effect me at all lol. **yes i know it's unhealthy**

    jtylk, you're system would make everything in the world take doulbe the time which would essentially be very counter productive. but i tell ya from my position it does sound quite nice.

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    i average 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night, friday i pull the alnighters if i need one, and saturday i sleep from 9 at night to almost 1pm sunday.

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    RoD - you're gonna wanna change your sig now

    I average about 6 hours of sleep a night - it'd be less if I didn't have to get up early for work - I've got no problem going to bed at 5 and getting up at 9, but going to sleep at 2 and getting up at 6 wrecks me.

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    We'll get em next year:


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