Thread: Which distribution of Linux should I get?

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    dosent that make you laugh at yourself....

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    YES, yes it does!

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    Originally posted by damonbrinkley
    Linux nerds? I laugh at Windows losers who actually think they're cool and know what the hell they're doing just because they have Windows XP and write a little bit of code.
    ::claps hands together:: Exccceelllent. That's another passion of mine - getting Linux Nerds to expose their idiocy, and at the same time their true reason for turning to Linux. You should have just written "Having Linux makes my weewee feel bigger".

    ::whistling:: This should be fun.

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    >>Hey, I'm a 1337 h4x0r<<

    What does that mean? And what language is that?

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    Its basically the same as pinning a sign on your forehead saying "Im a dickhead. Please hurt me".

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    Ok this topic is dead. I'mm closing her...if anyone has a problem or wishes to say something more feel free to PM me.


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