Thread: Results of the Round 1 of the 2001 Tetrinet Tournament

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    Its up.

    That is the site to post Tetrinet scores, TEMPORARILY. Geocities does not have ASP support, which is what my Scores page relies on, so temporarily you will have to email me your scores so I can put them into the database. Thanks goes to doubleanti for the sidebar image.

    I have posted rules for a Tetrinet season on that page. I am totally open to your comments/rants/questions about them. If you want one changed or want something taken away or added, tell me. Lets start a Tetrinet season soon.

    Thats all. Go there!
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    i can give you a better adress for that page so you won't need to use evil Geocities (and mine supports ASP)... just contact me about it: you have my AIM name. I can even do web design (besides the ASP or other netcode.. i only do graphics and html) if it is what you wish me to do.

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