Thread: Follow Iraq, North Korea trying to mess the World.

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    LOL here we are solving the problems of the world and all Cheez is worried about is Grammar.
    Cheez you sound like one of the UN people reading the Iraqi documents.

    UN person: this isn't capitalized.
    other UN person: what could that mean
    UN person: probably a left wing conspiracy
    other UN person: ya know, you just can't trust anyone these days.

    I don't like you very much. Please post a lot less.
    *and then*
    No, I know you were joking. My point still stands.

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    It's the truth. OSR is SENDING CODE to the ENEMY

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    >I'm calling anyone who criticizes the US, you should be criticizing
    >your own govts. for doing NOTHING.

    So you think I'm jealous not being a US citizen? In fact I am very happy to live where I live. I am very happy to have a government not focussed on wanting to teach the world how it should behave.

    >U are the ones who want to FORGET about IRAQ and it's ppl,

    Well, in fact we don't. We only realize a large military attack on Iraq will cause more misery than happiness.

    >We are RIGHT and u are WRONG.

    That is your opinion. I recommend you visit a board in India or Pakistan, or perhaps South-Korea, and ask if you are right and they are wrong.

    Well, now we turned from weapons to who is right and who is wrong. And still people haven't talked a lot about people, about the Kurds, about the Iraqi people who will fly because of the war and what to do with them.

    It seems people here are more interested in power than in people, well, that is fine with me, but I'm not interested in that.

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    Why hasn't this thread been closed? According to recent mod policy, threads potentially promoting or denigrating any country or opinion thereof should be closed. Posts not on topic (never mind the "General Discussion" heading) should be deleted. As this post may well be.
    Truth is a malleable commodity - Dick Cheney

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    >>The SANCTIONS were put in place to be removed upon the verification that IRAQ has eliminated all of it's programs and the UN inspectors will verify there elimination and more importantly IRAQ's steps to eliminate them.

    President George Bush: "At this juncture, my view is we don't want to lift these sanctions as long as Saddam Hussein is in power."

    James Baker, former Secretary of State: "We are not interested in seeing a relaxation of sanctions as long as Saddam Hussein is in power."

    Both from the Washington Post.

    This is how the media 'spins' what you read. Strange how history changes to suit the current situation.

    "Butler ordered his inspectors to evacuate Baghdad, in anticipation of a military attack, on Tuesday night--at a time when most members of the Security Council had yet to receive his report."

    --Washington Post, 12/18/98

    Since 1998, when U.N. inspectors were expelled, Iraq has almost certainly been working to build more chemical and biological weapons,

    --Washington Post editorial, 8/4/02

    I believe there is nothing Iraq can do to stop this war save removing Sadam (which of course is not possible or they would have already done so).

    Is Iraq the MOST pressing issue the world faces?
    Is Sadam more dangerous than Global Warming ect?

    "In 1990, France, the Soviet Union and China all sold Iraq out at the Security Council…. Russia can be bought by getting admitted to the WTO and being given a free hand on Georgia and Chechnya, as well as having its oil interests guaranteed in Iraq. China wants an end to proposed high-tech U.S. weapons sales to Taiwan. France wants its oil interests in Iraq protected, as well as its sphere of influence in Francophone Africa respected. The serious bargaining has yet to begin."

    Francis Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law

    "I insist on repeating clearly to all, once again, that no one may kill in God's name," recalling "our brothers and sisters in Iraq, living under a pitiless embargo... The weak and the innocent cannot pay for mistakes for which they are not responsible," the Pope said of the U.N. sanctions January 10, 1998
    "Man alone suffers so excruciatingly in the world that he was compelled to invent laughter."
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    This is totally unnecessary discussion. There is no way out. We have nothing to do with international politics.

    Actually from the programmers point of view, in those human topics there are no enough data, lots of logical error (Lack of logic). No one is proving anything, fighting only with he/she already knows which is not enough.

    We in Bangladesh, we always see this type of discussion in regular tea stall. These things are leaving space among us. I was observing the number of posting in other forums. Here I guess we have lost our goal.

    Please stop. This is annoying. Just
    [ Never code before desk work ]
    A man who fears Nothing is the man who Loves Nothing
    If you Love Nothing, what joy is there in your life.
    =------------------------------------------------------= - I may be wrong.

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    Alright, I guess this can be closed, then...

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