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    God II

    I'll start off by saying there are A TON of religions in the world. Every one of those religions have at least one person that believes it is correct, and all others are wrong.

    I'm supposed to believe in one out of thousands and hope MINE is the correct one? Think of everyone going to "Hell" then.

    Science has proven itself, God has not.

    Can anyone give me a reason to believe in a greater being, or some type of "God?"

    You start off as a little baby, and know nothing about any greater being, except your mama. This is the default. Why would you change if there is nothing TO change from the default. No proof or evidence that suggests something else. Just a bunch of people saying it is correct, and saying you must BELIEVE without SEEING. Explain this!

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    I don't think this is all.....

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    NOTHING is needed, some things just happen.

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    Can anyone give me a reason to believe in a greater being, or some type of "God?"
    I don't believe in god.

    There does seem to exist some sort of a hierarchy of complexity, i.e I doubt cats and dogs believe in cars or nuclear reactors, in fact no matter how hard a dog or cat tries they won't ever be able to understand the engineering concepts of cars or nuclear reactors, so it seems likely there are things that exist that are 'above' humans in the chain of complexity, but no matter how hard we try we can never understand it, we're the proverbial cats and dogs trying to understand nuclear reactors.

    EDIT: What I'm getting at is this: how can we know if something 'greater' exists if in all liklihood we may not be able to understand it?

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    I think this topic had been EXTENSIVELY discussed recently here. If you're intrested in opinions read up on it there. Therefore I'm closing this, if you have problems with this then please feel free to PM me and I'll be glad to listen and reconsidered.


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    Maybe we can let the debate rest in peace for a while. A last word from B. Brecht, a philosopher:
    ( sorry if the translation is not perfect, I couldn't find one so I had to do it myself )

    Die Frage, ob es einen Gott gibt
    Einer fragte Herrn K., ob es einen Gott gäbe. Herr K. sagte: " Ich rate dir, nachzudenken, ob dein Verhalten je nach der Antwort auf diese Frage sich ändern würde. Würde es sich nicht ändern, dann könnten wir die Frage fallenlassen. Würde es sich ändern, dann kann ich dir wenigstens noch so behilflich sein, daß ich dir sage, du hast dich schon entschieden: Du brauchst einen Gott."

    <English Translation = nv>
    The Question if there is a god
    Someone asked Mister K. if there is a god. Mister K. said: "My advice to you is to evaluate if your behaviour would change depending on the answer. If it would not change, then we can skip the question. If it would change, then I can help you by telling you, you already made your decision: You need a God."

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