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    RoD, if you're primarily interested in C++ then I wouldn't take the time out to learn Java on your own. I'm sure you'll be able to get plenty of experience with it in college. I would like to learn some Java/Javascript, but I don't feel like taking any of the little time I have away from learning C++ either. Especially since I know I'll spend a lot of time learning Java in college.

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    if you have c++ mastered, java will take you about a day and a half to learn!

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    I was told by a few people that c++ people with Java experience are usually hired over Java people for java positions.
    I don't know about that, but I do know that, especially in these times when the economy is down, companies prefer educating C++ programmers in Java than to get new Java programmers. Those C++ programmers not only have experience with object oriented programming, they also know how to use a language which looks a lot like Java. So, that is quite cheap.

    Also here counts that those C++ programmers have more technological and programming experience and knowledge. They are probably the more experienced engineers who have learned Java and had some experience with it. The Java people are probably quite new programmers educated with Java. Don't know for sure, but it could be.

    less platform dependent== less money spent on special machines.
    Correct. If you have a family of devices, for example a family of mobile phones, TV's, car radios or whatever device which contains embedded software, and each device has a JVM on it, then it is very easy to write an application to be run on that family of devices. An phonebook written in Java for one mobile phone can be used on each mobile phone of the same family, which is common practice by mobile phone companies.

    if you have c++ mastered, java will take you about a day and a half to learn!
    True. If you know C++ quite well, then the language Java will take you perhaps one or two days to learn. Most concepts and a lot of language constructions are the same as in C++. There are a few advanced concepts not present in C++, like threads and the use of implementations and interfaces. And the library is quite big, but not hard to understand.

    Mostly it is not the language which is hard, the hardest part, as I experienced, is creating a good object oriented design and use specific language concepts to optimise the design. Design patterns are a good guide, but applying those patterns can sometimes also be hard. Especially when you just start using them.

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    Yeah, personally, I can look at most Java code and understand it. I haven't really learned it at all though. The only problems that I have with it are the API classes and functions.

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