Thread: Crippling Depression...What's Happened To Me?

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    Bleh, don't sweat the small stuff, kid. Like itld said "this too shall pass"...when you think about it, a lot of what you do has no bearing on the big picture -- so why care so much?

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    "But now, I feel depressed constantly. Practically every day I get really depressed. I have no friends, never even had a girl friend, my voice squeeks every other sentence, I'm an outcast in my own family, and nobody understands me. And that's just the start of my problems. I think I'm the biggest loser in the world. I get ........ed off and/or cry over the stupidest things. I feel like everyone's out to get me, and wont leave me alone."

    It's called growing up. Being young, trying to figure life out and get used to changes is tough. Plus, you have all these difficult trials your going through on top of it all. There are tons of people who don't have girlfriends! My brother doesn't, and he's nearly 16. I have a 17 year old freind and he doesn't have one either...I also know of tons of other guys at college who arn't going out with anyone. Don't sweat it, a girlfreind would only add to your troubles...not make them go away.
    And hey, It's ok to cry over stuff, I do it all the time. Life is tough, but you have to remember that it's full of ups and downs. You will have a few days or weeks of troubles, then suddenly things will begin to get better again. Just hang in there!
    Do you have parents? Any siblings? I know that when I'm down I like to talk to my brother, he may not be able to give me great advice, but he sure is a good listener.

    "In May, an incident occured involving a burning trailor and myself.
    I was blamed for the crime, and punished the worst. After that happened, I lost all my friends at school. People began to pick on me, and call me 'Arson Boy' and things. I've stolen countless times from stores and people. I get bad grades at school, where every moment I'm in absolute misery. I have only one person who actually talks to me at school, and he was also involved in the fire incedent. "

    Hey, your not a stupid person. So don't think that. Things happen in life that are uncontrolable, like the fire thing. However, stuff like the stealing is wrong and you need to stop. The only way to clear your name is to stop the bad acts, and begin doing good ones. For instance, the shops you stole from you could go in and appolagize to the managers, and pay them back for what you stole. Integrity! Standing up for what is right! It is hard, difficult, but if you do life will be so much better.

    "All over my home town, and everywhere I go, I carry my bad reputation as a trouble maker with me. I can never set foot in my local library again because I ruined one of their security alarms. People are afraid of me....they hate me."

    Show people that you are no longer a trouble maker, it goes against this worlds philosophy, but just swallow down the fear and just do what's right. Ask these people for forgiveness, you will be amazed at what power that can be.

    "Things like this make me feel like I have no right to live on this Earth. Is my behavior normal? Am I a freak, or an outcast? I dont know. But if you ask me, I definately think my current situation is definately grounds for suicide."

    Everyone deserves to live, life is precious and don't forget that. If your life wasn't worth something you wouldn't be here, your future awaits, God has a plan and all you have to do is trust him. Your behaiver is normal, the feelings are normal. When I was a freshman I hated my life, I can remember taking a peice of paper and writing "I am stupid" over and over again, because that's what I thought I was. There is a voice inside you saying "You are worthless, the world hates you, just die, your not worth anything" That voice is wrong, Satan likes to get us where we are weak, and for you at this time are vulnerable insecurity and feelings of worthlessness.

    Talk to someone, talk to God, you may not think he's real, but I know he is. Remember, in awhile life will get better...but you have to also make an effert to be a better person.

    .......*hug*.........take care kiddo.....
    ~Better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.~
    -----Mark Twain

    ~God, give us grace to accept with serenity the things that cannot be changed, courage to change the things which should be changed, and the wisdom to distinguish the one from the other.~
    ------Reinhold Niebuhr

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