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    I wanna start PHP and I found this book book and i think it looks pretty cool. Is there a better one I should get or is this one the best?

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    Probably, if you want a book, and if you dont want to pay money (like me ), then go to and click on "tutorial engine" ; they have tutorials there.

    Being the good C++ programmer that you are, PHP should be a cinch for you.

    Let me know how goes the learning when you do start

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    I also want to learn PHP, especially since I have a holyday...
    Thanks for the link civix, there are many tutorials there...

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    I'd prefer a book becuase you can read it anywhere and you can always use it as a reference. So, anybody got any advice on a PHP book? And thanks for that cool link, civix.

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    I've heard that book is pretty good. You might also want to checkout and it's PHP tutorials and forums.
    Wandering aimlessly through C.....

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    I would buy the book and see on the net for some interesting tutorials or open source projects.

    Yeah, Php is very cool

    I'm glad, that I can code good php stuff.

    E.g.: My last project with PHP was a virtual platform, like Ebay for students.

    The best resource for php is and there are a lot of manuals and project information

    The books, which were published by SAMS are often very good!!!

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    ok, decided to get this book mainly becuase it is about PHP4 and it is an O'Reilly book. Now I just need to scab the money from my parents...

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