Thread: .exe's in web applications

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    .exe's in web applications

    Hey everyone, the other day I saw a URL that looked like this:
    Its calling the app the way you would an ASP page for PHP page. Anyone know how this is done?

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    just a guess...put the app in the cgi-bin with the right permissions?

    works on unix.

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    It is possible to execute .exe files with web servers that support it, e.g. IIS.

    Here's an example from my homepage, it's an online compiler written in C++.

    The information sent to cout will be displayed in the webbrowser, and the information posted to the .exe with a form is read with cin.
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    Also the URL could be an guarantee that it goes directly to an exe....

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    as far as i know you can send information to any form of binary code as a CGI. I've seen people do it with dll's even. If you can compile it you can use it as a CGI.
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