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    Have you considered implementing symbolic support, kinda like on the TI-89? It can keep the answers in terms of variables, and is able to find exact derivates and integrals.

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    Originally posted by Sang-drax
    It is inspired by C++, Pascal and a bit from the TI-83 and Casio calculator languages.
    The first thing I ever programmed on was a TI-83. There are still a lot of things from that language that I like. A for loop was this easy:
    // is equivalent to
    for(i = 1; i <= 10; i+=2)
    Aaaaah, that brings back some fond memories of learning to program while bored in the back of my pre-calc class last year.

    Anyway, Sang-drax, how do you plan on using this language of yours?

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    As for the pronounciation of "Vxj":
    Thanks. Yep, last summer I made a trip through Scandinavia with my small tent and car. From Malm to Stockholm, then to Lappland. From Lappland to Trondheim (N) and via the Hardangervidda and Kristiansand back to the Netherlands, well Frysln actually.

    The is a character the Dutch don't have, as many characters those poor Dutch don't have.

    It is pronounced as o, as in mother, thought the Danish write it as . The y is pronounced as ee in feet, but shorter.

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