Thread: Kermi! Your Saints!?

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    Go Falcons!!!
    Hey, you got the right attitude! Btw, I'm not some trendy Michael Vick Atlanta fan either. I've liked the Falcons practically my whole life (pretty much the past 8 years of my life that would be). It's been really tough times being a Falcon fan. But hey it's not like there's anything better at home (the Cardinals woohoo yippy).

    Just hope his inconsistancy
    Plummer is consistent; it's just not the type of consistency you would like to see in a player. He's consistentally bad, and I'm not trying to make a lame joke either because seriousy he is consistently bad.

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    Yeah, I'm rooting for the falcons mostly because my family lives in Atlanta and also because they are so rarely involved in the playoffs - love the underdog! I was in the Atlanta airport only 20 minutes after they beat the Vikings a few years back to go to the Super Bowl. The entire airport was doing the dirty bird dance, it was a lot of fun!

    Plummer plays well on occasion, hell he has like 23 come from behind wins. I think his biggest problem is that the crappy Cards keep getting behind so early that he ends up trying too hard to come back and win the game all by himself, and when you have no running back, no receivers, and no defense, that is awfully hard to do without making a mistake! But who knows, its hard to say what he would be like with quality around him...

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