Thread: OOPS!!!! I need help please read+reply!

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    Lightbulb OOPS!!!! I need help please read+reply!

    Wow... I really messed up!

    I got this new hdd, and trie dto install windows. Well! I f-ed up my boot sector, and on the new hdd I have no boot sector. I would GREATLY applrieciate these 2 things:

    1.) A program to edit the boot sector.
    2.) An image of a DOS boot sector.

    Thanks a LOT, SPH

    P.S. Im using BeOS to post this, Be RULEZ! I could eaily copy it and then use boot disk! But 'eh, in the real world I need windows too, so please someone help me aquire a DOS boot sector to begin windows installation.

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    I don't have any of those, try and do fdisk, and if you have data on that disk, try using Partition Magic or something like that


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