Thread: All of you employed developers, what are your jobs really like?

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    There is no "regular developer". Developers always need to apply ( and probably learn in advance ) more than just programming skills. If you write simulation software, you need skills in this field ( physics, chemistry, biology... ), if you write banking or business software you need experience in this area ( in case of banks more than you might want to know... it just makes you fear for your money to see how banks handle computers and data ) and if you write software for another market you need other special skills. If you aren't working for some niche market 2-men software company, you will always be part of a team and handle only a part of the aplication. When developing a game for example, you might end up writing and optimizing the net code. As with all teams, you might never even have more than a general understanding what other members of the team do, because they have other, very specialized skills.

    While some games call for heavy optimization, almost all non-UI applications need optimization, too. Batch processing is crucial in large companies and the difference between 100.000 records per hour and 200.000 records per hour is double winnings. And you bet the boss wants this optimized to 300.000.

    All developers need additional skills. Those needed for writing games sound like more fun, but that's a personal decision what might be fun and what not. It's not harder to master than any other secondary skills. It is a bit harder to get in the market, because the need for game developers is smaller.

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    this has gone too far imo. A 'regular developer' (notice the single quotes) is a developer that isn't a game programmer, that's the only distinction made. And I think the post I made about what game programmers do that 'regular developers' (meaning non game programmers) don't do holds true. Any developer that isn't a game programmer wouldn't have to do the following:

    originally posted by me
    Uhh...ok...I somewhat doubt a 'regular developer' will commonly have to calculate things like the center of gravity of an object, the instantaneous velocity of an object, its acceleration, the friction of an object on an inclined plane, the parabolic movement of an object falling taking into account wind resistance, collision + countless other factors, or the location of an object's shadow using a shadow projection matrix on an arbitrary plane without using stenciled shadow volumes, just to name a few things off of the top of my shallow head (meaning there's lots of other complicated stuff I can't remember that game programmers would commonly do more than regular programmers).
    I don't even remember why we started this. And yes it is a given that there are many things game programmers don't have to do that non-game programmers do, and like i said I don't know where this came from or where it's going.

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    I'm working in an ISP (Internet Service Provider) as Linux System Administrator & Programmer. I'm responsible to configure, maintain/administrate servers like Gateway, DNS, Mail, Proxy, Access (USR 3com), RADIUS (Cistron).

    I was working on ISP Billing Software for Dial-up users for last 3 (Three) years. I have already developed one application and running for last three years. Recently upgrading the ISP Billing Software to integrate with RADIUS server. It's capable to control Pre-paid and Post-paid Dial-up users. All I do of programming is in C. Writing small applications for System Administration is also usual.

    This is all about job, I have also involvement with a group of Bangla Linux developers.
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