Thread: Whats better a BA or BS in CS?

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    Whats better a BA or BS in CS?

    im a college student majoring in computer science. my school just added a BS for computer science. Whats the difference between a BA and a BS in CS (is there more programming, math etc.) , would u prefer a BS over a BA, and would it make a difference when searching for a job?

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    The B.S. is a more focused degree usually (you're definitely a programmer when you're done), whereas the B.A. is tends to combine C.S. with other areas; like biology, chemistry, business, etc.
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    Here's an article from some University:
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    I assum you are talking about a bachelor of arts versus bachelor of science in computer science. I spent an entire 40 minutes talking with the head of the computer science department at my state college about the differences between the two.

    BA: Basically easier in terms of math, lacks CSAB accredidation (I think that's the name of the board), usually requires a minor in business or something, has the exact same computer related courses. Lacking CSAB accredidation isn't as bad a thing as it sounds, most companies supposedely only care about you having a 4 year degree in some field that deals with computers. Period. The professor at the college I was talking to said only one of his prior students was turned down because she lacked a degree with CSAB accredidation (it was a department of defense job).

    BS: More math, has CSAB accredidation, doesn't require a minor, same computer related courses as bachelor of arts.

    hope that helps.

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    A minor?

    i was thinking about taking a minor in computer information systems, or even working to get a BA in it. What minors do most BA students in CS do, if they take any at all if anyone knows?

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    so if I want to become a computer programmer, i would get a BS?
    Or is a better option to get a BA so you have something else to fall back on?
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    Also to consider is that the BS is more advantageous when seeking higher degrees. The maths and structures that you skip just come back to haunt you when you have to take theory courses, or such is my understanding, YMMV.

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    I am going for a BS in CS. I am personally pretty comfortable with math however. I can see how people who aren't such big fans of math would prefer a BA.
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    That kinda sucks. Im not sure but last I looked my school (Univeristy of Maryland-College Park) only offered BA in Computer Science. I looked around today but couldnt find any info on the type of degree they offer. Oh well, the reduced math classes wont matter since Im double majoring (possibly double degree) in mathematics.
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    I'm pretty sure that they offer a BS since it's
    considered part of the sciences.

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