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Thread: Maybe we should just leave Iraq and all the other countries alone until they attack

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    Originally posted by Polymorphic OOP
    Hahaha, wookie, you really have to change your avatar. The brightness on my monitor is kinda low and that looks very dirty

    ... I'm not even that big
    ok thats just disturb'n :P

    I say nuke that whole area, one big glass mine.

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    Iraq sucks.

    Nuff said.
    - Dean

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    Iraq sucks.

    Nuff said.
    A slightly naive view - if there is a problem with Iraq it rests solely with its leadership, not the people.
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    Originally posted by Ride -or- Die
    I say nuke that whole area, one big glass mine.
    Argh!! How can people be so ignorant?! The U.S. currently only has a major problem with one person from Iraq——Saddam Hussein. The common people of Iraq are peaceful citizens trying to eek out a living without getting gassed by their dictator.

    What you are suggesting is the total anihilation of an entire country because of a single person. That's not unlike the 9/11 terrorists who killed 3,000 civilians because they didn't like the leadership of the U.S. Do you want this nation to stoop to the level of the terrorists?

    The last thing our military should do is conduct indiscriminate attacks. In the past, American forces have bombed places thinking that they were weapons facilities only to find out much too late that they were aspirin factories or hospitals. This nation must exercise extreme caution when using lethal force. Killing innocent civilians is one of the most detestable things we could do. I'd like to remind all of the American taxpayers that you are financially supporting out military, and whenever innocent civilians die, part of their blood is on your hands. That is why it is imperitive that we send the message to Washington to exercise extreme caution when using lethal force. This whole "bomb 'em all" mentality must stop.

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