Thread: Life Sucks!!

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    **** man. Sorry to hear it. I've never witnessed something like that, so I can only try to empathise. If it would make you feel any better though:

    Taco the wonder dog's mp3s always made me feel better.
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    Wow. That's pretty bad. You seem to be taking it pretty well. I'd be so ****ing ........ed off, I dont know what I'd do.
    - Dean

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    That's tough

    While I haven't had the misfortune of losing my "true" freinds, I've lost an aunt and a grandmother.

    About a month ago though I lost one of my best interenet freinds. Nearly a year ago he was standing up for a woman he did not know against 3 men. He got stabbed in the kidney and spent the rest of his life in and out of the hospital. Finally got to him and he died in his sleep.

    It's amazing something like this can affect you so much, even though I had never met the man in real life.

    Just keep you head up. With time it will get easier. Hopefully whoever did it has a fun life in jail...

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