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    Getting dumped really hurts, and only time will make the pain
    go away. Someday you'll fall in love again, as I did and most
    people do, and this time it will work. You'll get married, have
    kids, and everything that happened to you so recently will
    have seemed so long ago you barely remember her name or
    why you loved her. Everybody gets dumped; it's a necessary
    evil part of life and growing up. You'll get over her. You have to.
    It's just too bad you have to hurt so.
    No. Wait. Don't hang up!

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    Originally posted by Fountain
    Of course it is possible for her not to know!

    Trust me ROD at least make sure you tell her before she goes! I mean it I'll slap you if you dont.!

    And she wont hold out-first love stuff doesnt hold you for ever! Make sure you are the one she comes back to.
    i'll try.

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