Thread: Windows XP regression over time

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    Windows XP regression over time

    Here we see the regression of Windows XP over a period of time:

    Day 0: DavidP installs Windows XP

    Day 1: Windows XP runs with great efficiency and reliability

    Day 30: Continues to run well

    Day 100: David is very happy with Windows XP

    Day 150: Hard drive space problems begin to occurr, continuing from Windows 9x days.

    Day 200: David sees his very first BSOD in XP...David is scared...but still happy with performance of XP

    Day 250: David's internet fails and must be reinstalled. David sad.

    Day 300: Hard drive problems become severe. David makes temporary fixes, but continues to get worse. David still happy he made switch from 9x to XP, but not as happy as he was.

    Day 350: Major internet failures. Internet software must be reinstalled 7 times in 4 days. Internet Explorer and Windows Explorer crash afterwards, and still refuse to run. Hard drive space problems severe. David is angry with XP.

    Day 365: Christmas day...10 days from now. Family gets new computer. David gets new computer parts. David gets families old computer. David replaces old parts with new parts. David formats hard drive, which he has been waiting to do for some time now. David has 2 spare motherboards now . David will be a happy man.
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    Re: Windows XP regression over time

    Originally posted by DavidP
    Day 250: David's internet fails and must be reinstalled. David sad.
    dayum, i wish i had my own internet......
    hello, internet!

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    Re: Re: Windows XP regression over time

    Originally posted by moi
    dayum, i wish i had my own internet......
    HAHAHAHHA! lol!

    I made the jump from 9x to 2k Pro and I'm glad I did. I just don't see any real benefit to going with XP.

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    XP is pretty.

    what other reasons do you need?

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    Well I had ME and then switched to XP. Is there anything to explain there?

    XP is pretty cool, no major problems.

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    >> XP is pretty cool, no major problems

    Of course its great, you are coming from ME. I have Win 98. It may not be as pretty and may use stupid FAT32 but I'm not changing to XP for a while.

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    Yes, because after all, the only benefit of XP is that it looks "pretty". You can turn that all off you realize, make it look exactly the same as older versions.

    Nah, lets skip over the stability of XP, and just go for the prettiness.

    Given that I also upgraded from ME, I'm just amazed at how everybody bashes XP saying it's just "pretty"

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    I don't want the hassle of buying XP
    I'm sticking with W2k and gradually switching to whichever unix seems most attractive when microsoft starts to neglect updating 2k.

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    Here we see the regression of Windows XP over a period of time:
    David's story made me laugh.

    I upgraded to Win2k from Win98 over a year ago. This coming up summer when I finally decide to buy a new computer I might go w/ Linux or WinXP. I bought a new HD back in March, and I haven't made a new reinstall of Windows since then. Lets put it this way, my computer runs like **** now! I desperately need to take the time out to back up all of my files and to reinstall Win2k.

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    So far, I've only had one problem with XP. One day, the mouse stopped working. Investigating, I found the mouse device in the device manager had gone, (I was going to delete it then restart so the OS would detect the "new" hardware and reinstall it). Very weird, I had to reinstall the device manually.

    Took half a day to sort out, hasn't happened again though.
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    Lots of my stuff doesnt work in 98...
    (Irritating, just locks up when I try to install the sound card and network card...)
    Now I use XP, but when I miss 98 too much I install it on my spare HD... I never changed to NTFS(sp?) cause its too annoying that it doesnt find it in DOS mode... not to mention how hard theyve gotta make it to boot to dos! :P

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    i have had my computer for about 3 yrs with win 98 then xp and not once in 3 yrs have i seen the BSOD on it but my other computer is always crashing the good one is a gateway and the crasher was an hp. i really like gateway.

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    I've had XP for nearly a year now. So far, things are better than 9.x. However, I'm always careful as to what I install.

    Had the occasional BSOD. Also Windows Exploder occasionally decides it's going to paint a huge grey rectangle all over my screen & needs shutting down.
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    we build a lot of computers here at work. about a year or so ago we built all of the computers at our shop and put 98 on them. we spent about an hour after building the computer just loading all of the drivers.

    we just recently got another shop upgrade, and we installed XP on all of our new computers. when it comes to loading drivers, XP is a dream come true. most of the computers were ready to run as soon as XP got installed.

    and i have noticed a huge boost in 3D gaming and internet speed.
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    I like XP, but recently my unholy POS Dell (the main, family computer) completely went off the rocker. It tells me to insert a bootdisk when I try to start it...even though I never told it to boot from a disk. Even when I disable the floppy drive through the BIOS (not just from the boot sequence, but literally take its entry out) it tries to find one. Hell, I don't even think it CHECKS the floppy drive. It never makes a peep from the floppy drive, and when I tried to stick a bootable Partition Magic floppy in there it wouldn't load (Still asked for a bootable disk - lol).

    Not to mention it doesn't even realize that there's a CD drive attached. I set it up to boot from the CD drive first, and run the XP setup disk to see what's wrong, but it refuses to.

    The great thing is that the hard drive only registers when it feels like it. PM8 can't find it, and another bootdisk I found wouldn't run fdisk or format, for lack of a drive. I think it's because I switched to NTFTS. Never doing that again. Not if I need tools from my XP disk that the computer can't find, anyhow.

    But like I said, the drive registers whenever it feels like it. Sometimes I'll hit the reset button a few times and it'll start loading XP. It'll sometimes get a little past the login screen, and then it'll do a core dump (which I've yet to figure out how to get to) and triple-fault back to asking for a bootdisk.

    Twice I've been able to get it into safe mode by resetting the computer during an XP boot, but once I started safemode with networking and it immediately core dumped (after taking an agonizingly long time to log in....actually, it never actually logged completely in. It said "loading personal settings" for about 30 mins and then dumped), but when I started safe mode without networking it worked fine. I'd tried setting it to a restore point from the 12th, but it still won't boot.

    Oh well. My parents are getting a new computer now...this thing was a POS anyhow. I'm TRYING to make sure they don't get a pre-packaged crap-fest (like they're telling me they want.."but they're reliable...we don't want you to get hand-made "parts"" - good Lord my parents are idiots) like this one, which my dad ordered as a surprise without telling me..."Surpise! We're replacing our awesome Gateway with a billion times worse Dell!...why don't you look happy?"

    Just venting....oy.

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