Thread: Everybody remind us with his/her first thread

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    Since Salem closed the other thread:

    > hehe i been looking for it slowly
    Odd, took me 4 mouse clicks
    1 - click profile
    2 - click find all posts by user
    3 - click link of last page of results
    4 - click link of bottom message on the last page

    End of story - this is too boring to continue
    That doesn't bring up the oldest posts. On the last page for me, the oldest post is from january 2002, while (as can be seen in my previous post here) my first, still remaining, post is from september 2001.
    I believe that the list cuts after a certain amount of posts...?

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    here's my first post:

    took me weeks to figure out how to work that....the template example someone gave me didn't work :P
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    My first thread was at the old CProg forum (not the first, but the one before this one). I had started a thread that could have went in one of the programming boards instead of the GD board where I had posted it.

    Sunlight replied (not even arousing the fact I had posted in the wrong forum; this was when he didn't hate newbies) and told me the information I was looking for and how I was trying to run before I could even walk. (He was right.)

    That inspired me to learn a whole lot more about the subject before I dove in again.

    And now I am here, with the knowledge that was required but still don't know the damned answer!

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    I don't remember my very first post... It was on the old board...
    My first post here was:

    I don't like looking at my old posts. I feel so dumb.
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    My first on this board:

    My first post on this site was on UBB - I asked about serial tx, and salem (stee ) told me why I was an idiot (apparently my reputation preceded me).

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    My first post was on the old board. My first posts here were replies to other peoples questions (those were the first of several). This was back in the day when I wasn't a slacker and actually spent some time on the non-general boards doing something besides moderating them.

    Eventually I asked an actual question, as I was being particularly dense that day. Always with the obvious stuff that somehow I cant see.
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    My first post was on the really old UB board, before it got new colors

    I am sure some of us like da, l@d, and a few others remember the UB board before it got new colors. Then it got new colors and we were all excited. Then a few months later, we got this board.

    But anyways, my first post was back in 1999. It was my freshman year of high school and I had just entered Computer Science 1 at my high school, in which they taught beginning C++.

    Now it is my senior year, I am in my 4th year of Computer Science, and am a lot more knowledgable then I was then.

    I think I should have the old UB board link somewhere in my favorites list....I am not sure where...give me time to find it. If I cannot find it, the link is somewhere on this board.
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    Wink Re: Everybody remind us with his/her first thread

    This is my first post. And I've learned alot from just lurking.

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    first post eh...

    i wont remember that unless.......

    ah forget it.........

    [edit]i posted my 1st first post in this board after i had that stupid probem with the comp that i was too stupid to figure out
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    oh i'm sorry! i didn;t realize my fist was rushing to meet ur face!

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    >>I am sure some of us like da, l@d, and a few others remember the UB board before it got new colors. Then it got new colors and we were all excited.

    Ah, yes. In the days before a general discussions forum. The days when the community didnt really know each other in terms of personality, unless it was shaded by some programming aspect. I recall the new colour scheme being a big point of interest. Sparked a couple of threads I think. Ah, yes. Much more conservative days. I dont think a 'RANT: system("cls" is evil' would spark the kind of community wide interest that it did back then.

    I'm trying to find a link to the old board... I know I have it somewhere. I'll post when I find it.

    /* Edit */

    Well heres an archived page from the updated coloured old board. Found at Most of its not there though. Still trying to find the rest. Heh. Check this out. The old Mod list and my profile there.
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    Unfortunately, while moving the transition to a new server a little over a year ago, I lost the files for the old UltraBoard, and any links to it on the server won't work. (For the curious, the link was, or somesuch.)

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    Wink .hmmm my first post!

    Here is my first... thread. (I posted on 05-19-2002 07:25 AM)I asked question in C programming board which I must ask in general discussion board..

    Changing Attribute of .sys files...?

    and about improvment... I am feeeling much better then what I was at the time of my first... post..
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    Thanx everybody


    It is realy fun to remember our first step into Even if my English is ESL ( my 4th language.) but everybody here helped me a lot, after reading my broken English ...

    My new Question is What do you think about yourself - as a programmer - after all these threads. and Was or Wasn't this site helpful?

    You can answer this question in this link: What do you think about this Website;
    The best

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    Please do not bump old threads, let them die. If you wish to ask a new question of appropriate nature please create a new thread.

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