Thread: Need help with chemistry assignment: ways to 'sell' gold :)

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    Cool Need help with chemistry assignment: ways to 'sell' gold :)

    I need a theme to try to sell gold. It should be a funny but effective theme. I lucked out that I got such an easy element to sell, but I still need some good ideas.
    I probably need to sell gold based on the following: its use as currency, its use in electronics, or its use as coins (which ties into the first)

    So far I have come up with the following:
    "Top 10 reasons why gold is the best currency"
    "Top 10 reasons why gold is useful if you are a fugitive"
    "Why diving for gold treasure is a liberating experience"

    Hmm yeah I'm kind of stuck for useful ideas. I kind of wish I got a more obscure element, i.e one that is only named by the latin number representing its atomic number...

    school sux

    EDIT: Yes i am looking on google

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    Whoa that's a pretty neat site, and it actually seems useful. Thanks!

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    For a discussion thereon, Clickity.

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    Here is an intro I thought of, I personally like it, tell me what you think, or change parts of it to make it flow better

    "I wanted it, and I sought, I scrabbled and muckled like a slave. Was it famine or scurvy? I fought it, I hurled my youth into a grave" -Robert W. Service on his thoughts about his favorite element. If you don't know what element I am talking about, I shall give you a hint. It is the single element most credited with catalyzing wars, building civilizations, inspiring artworks. It stands the test of time by being a strong non tarnishing metal, yet remains physically soft and seldom exists in nature alone. Coupled with its brothers platinum and silver spread thinly about the Earth's crust, this element remains the first place choice for jewelery, one of the best conductors use in electronic boards, and even has radioactive isotopes used to treat cancer. If you guessed Gold as the element being described, then you are absolutely correct. No other element retains the same characteristics and variety of uses, yet remains so rare and precious that it will ever be tossed into the whirlpools of oblivion.
    EDIT: It may be broken up because I am writing it in notepad

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