Thread: The worst and most useless programming language?

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    Definately VB. I mean, theres so many people who do a little VB "programming" that run around on little script kiddie message boards calling themselves full-fledged programmers.

    Hell, i play that little game every once in a while, and I always find someone in the message boards who says "I will program a neopets hack for you for 1000000 points, i'm the best programmer out there!!" (real title!) I came to found out that the idiot with the now disabled account programmed tiny things in VB.

    I also recently talked to him to see just how big his ego really is, and he asked me if I had any programming experience. I said "yes, advanced C++" And showed him one of my applications. His reply was "hahahaha, you suck! I know super-advanced visual basic and I can program in window and all you can do is text! HAHAHA"

    In my opinion, most strict VB programmers are living, breathing wallpaper. Thats why I never even bothered to learn any BASIC language. Too stupid if you ask me.

    And the runtimes! Oh, the runtimes. Just a little VB program could require more than a megabyte in runtimes: EXTREMELY STUPID!

    I rest my case.

    (WoOHoO! My biggest reply ever!)

    hes a big VB programmer and could do alot better than you? did he show you any of his programs? k, #1, the language is called
    not BASIC, but VISUAL BASIC, which makes it even easyer (i think).

    if he can make a window appear, good for him, i could care less, but then again, im always one of those people who "i have to be better than everyone at this, cuz im finally getting good at it, BWAHAHAHAHA" but i know thats never true. happenes in flash all the time. sure i know alot (and i mean ALOT) about ActionScript and flash, but time from time, someone is always better than me. but i enjoy the fame. im known in my info tech class for my C++ programming skills (which arent very good right now, im making a text editor from the ground up, which in my opionion, is good for a beginner). but everyone thinks im god at programming, always want my help, and cant stand to see that, im geing to be rich in the future and have friends for learning the computer, and have a life, when they became trailor trash for learning to skateboard all the time.

    a skateboarder, thats a challenge to get money in. #1, you have to be the best, in C++ programming, you need to be good enough to make a simple program and you can sell it, just shoot your mouth off to how good it is and youll probably get paid alot for making it sound good!

    anyways, back to this kid, VB can do alot, but not as powerful as C++ can be (i think (i hope)). so dont worry about him. but egos really burn me up.

    personally, i dont have much of one, i just want to be better at something than someone.
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    Originally posted by salvelinus
    Uh, what do you mean by runtime? Time isn't measured in MB. Do you mean a VB app .exe is larger in size than than comparable C/C++ programs? If so, you're usually, maybe always, right.
    Can some VB doofuses be doofuses? sure, and maybe there's plenty of them, but that doesn't speak to VB.
    English can express some fantastic things. Doesn't mean that 6th graders spouting gibberish, or constantly trying to provoke by being offensive, mean English is worthless.
    No, VB can't do what C/C++ can do, but you don't need the Ford F-350 pickup to carry home your Christmas presents either.
    Heh, you know, the runtime files needed to run VB applications...(.ocx, is there more?)

    I wasnt measuring time in megabytes. I meant that the files can be so big, that its such a hassle to get all the needed runtime files, and the actual application.

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    I personally do not like the following:
    algol, prolog, RPG, SNOBOL, APL, PL/I, LISP, Forth, RPGII, and of course Eiffel

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