Good idea, but look at the number of my posts. I come here at least once or twice everyday, usually only post in the General Discussions area, but love the board.

I'm not hit and run, it's just that there are very few posts on here that are worth my time and effort to reply to. It would really hurt me to have my account deleted as I love this board. I guess I could start answering more posts, but I feel like I'm typing the same replies to the same questions over and over and over and over get the idea. On posts that actually are worth answering, I usually do a lot of research on many different websites before I begin answering the question or before I post my answer. When it comes to programming questions: Better for me to keep my mouth shut and everyone think I'm a fool than to have opened it too soon and remove all doubt. Then there are those questions that I have no clue about, are beyond me, or focus on an area of programming unfamiliar to me. C++ is a powerful language and it takes a lifetime to master it...if that is even long enough.

I love to help people who have genuine programming questions but most of the time it seems like it is someone who wants to know how to program a professional level game and expects me to explain it in 2 paragraphs.

Then we have these threads:
  • 'looking for programmers, but cannot pay'
  • 'do my homework cuz I'm too lazy to do research or think for myself'
  • 'how do you do something in C/C++ that is clearly documented in the help file'

These questions/statements/requests and others like them are just not worth my time. I hope I'm not being overly cynical. It is just that these types of threads get old very fast. This board is great, but because it is so open to everyone it will get cluttered with people who are not here for the same reasons that the baord exists.

Perhaps a better test of who uses this board would not just be based on post counts, but on hit counts as it relates to our IP. I'm sure that many well-meaning faithful members hit this site everyday but either do not feel they need to post or just want to browse the General Discussion's area or some other area of interest.

For instance, I spent about 3 hours just looking at the computer jargon thread. I diid not post but was on the site forever. That is one of the best threads we probably have ever had and I've ever read, or at least since having been a member. It did not count toward my post count but I just about died laughing and had a great time.

There must be a better way to track members that are here for the right reasons.

Hmmm...might be my longest post......sorry so long.