View Poll Results: who would win in a fight, everyone at cprogramming or everyone at flashdaddee

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  • everyone at cprogramming

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  • everyone at flashdaddee

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  • what the hell is a flashdaddee?

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Thread: fight involving everyone at cprog vs everyone at flashdaddee, who would win?

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    cereal killer dP munky's Avatar
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    Nov 2002
    i honestly cant see programmers fighting, not physically anyway, we'd all band together and make some program where we could battle each other from the comfort of our chairs which our butts are plastered too
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    near a computer
    I can.

    [plugs website]

    [/plugs website]
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    Originally posted by Govtcheez
    In that case, I bring the fight from cprog. There won't be a non-pink post at fd when I'm through.
    ::launches Pre-Emptive Pink Strike (PEPS) against govts FD territories...errr...posts::

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    This thread is like something out of Michael's "Beat It"
    video. Lot of dancing around the issue.
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    Originally posted by Sebastiani
    The flashdaddees would no doubt win because their war machines would be running on clean efficient assembly code, and well, we would still be arguing whether a Cannon should be derived from a Gun or just a more generic Projectile container class. By then they would have already wiped us out.
    What about C programmers ..hehe
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