Thread: Did you read the guidlines when you first used the forum? Why?

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    Originally posted by adrianxw
    There weren't any when I joined. Nor on the old board I think - but I knew them anyway. They are pretty much common sense and simple politeness.
    Same exact thing, I was too lazy to read them when they were created.

    Although, to be fair, it _did_ take me a few months after I joined the old board to actually read the FAQ

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    As adrianxw and ken just said they were not here when I joined nor were they on the old board. I read the first one mostly because it was there and there were maybe 100 posts on the boards. The other ones I read for no real reason. I do remember there being a page that had the rules of the boards back on the old page...Either way even if the rules weren't here and someone asks "can you do this homework assignment from you" what makes you think anyone would respond any different than they do now?

    On a totally unrelated topic:
    compjinx, I like your avatar
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    Board guidelines, what are those? FAQ - Oh that, I read them, yeah, I remember.

    Oh yeah, I forgot how many posts does it take to get that cool name above your avatar?


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    TBH No.
    But as adrian said. Its all just common sense and politeness.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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