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    #define earthnotspinning 0 //IS THIS SUPPOSED TO COME BEFORE OR AFTER INCLUDES? OH WELL...
    #include <iostream>
    #include "earth.h"
    using namespace std;
    int main(void) {
    bob.shouldstayinschool = true;
    return earthnotspinning;
    I'm not making a joke out of this situation by any means, Kermi would know I wouldn't. School is important even though sometimes, to put it bluntly, sux.

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    High school sucks. You got all the cliques and thoughtless, rude people attacking others for completely inconsequential things and senseless bureaucratic rules and regulations that often get in the way. On the other hand, you are getting a free and, in all likelihood, good education, as long as you focus on your studies. Even if it sucks, completing high school and getting that diploma is the least you can do for yourself. You are at a distinct disadvantage if you drop out: You are basically limiting yourself to fast-food jobs and retail "associate" positions at stores. Programming as a career would likely be out of the question.

    In summary, grin and bear the negatives of high school and remember that you are only helping yourself by completing it.

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    //Nice avatar kermi3
    Thanks, actually Bob made it so it is strangely relevent to this thread. And I'm now allowed to say that Bob==Civix, who I don't think will be dropping out tommorrow morning. Thanks for the Avatar Civix, and i'm really glad that you're sticking it out, it's worth it.

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    As another "Bob" in this world I feel that I should recommend that he stay in school. In today's world education is the key to life, without it you can't get anywhere. It is definetly worth it in the long run.
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    Yeah, what everyone else said. Don't drop out, Bob.
    Try not.
    Do or do not.
    There is no try.

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    Originally posted by Unregd
    ...all the cliques and thoughtless, rude people attacking others for completely inconsequential things and senseless bureaucratic rules and regulations that often get in the way.
    This isn't just the case for high school, it applies to most of society.

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    >>... senseless bureaucratic rules and regulations that often get in the way.
    Yeah, I know a few companies like that

    [edit]Bob... hang in there, it'll pay off one day
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    At least get your grade 10, then you can join the army and become a grunt. Or, if your country doesn't allow that... move to Canada and join OUR army.

    Or you could finish school and do a million other things if you so decide.

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    >>move to Canada and join OUR army.
    Canada has an army??? Woah, thats news to me!

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    Heh, thanks, guys.

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    Well, Bob... Unless you plan only going to college, you may as
    well drop out of High School. A High School Diploma alone gets
    you nowhere.
    Staying away from General.

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    I disagree with you guys. High school isn't for everybody, even though education is. There are other options, options which would allow one more opportunities than a job in the fast food industry. Speaking as one who *has* dropped out of high school, I do admit that high school is the easier road. If Bob has any chance at all of making it with his sanity intact, I would very much advise him to try. There are less traditional roads to college, though. He could get his GED, and then after a year of community college, transfer into a regular college, which is the route I'm taking. (This is assuming he lives in the U.S. - I don't know if similar things are possible in other countries.) Or he could be homeschooled. Maybe a transfer to a different high school is all Bob needs. I think it's probably a bad idea to drop out, but if he does, he should know that he is not doomed to a horrible life.
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    ::whispers:: BMJ hasn't even posted...
    Wow, you're right! Unless it's a possiblity that a mod deleted BMJ's post because it had an unwarranted comment that mentioned a specific name of the person, and the mod felt that it wasn't right to have any name at all mentioned. But nah, that couldn't have possibly have happened now could it have?

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    I'm so glad we dont have cliques here. If there was, there'd be a computer one which included me and only some kids who only ralk about xbox/ps2 all day thinking they're

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    Originally posted by -KEN-
    ::whispers:: BMJ hasn't even posted...
    he had a post before, I read it, but maybe he deleted it!

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