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Thread: Shocking(kind of)

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    l'Anziano DavidP's Avatar
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    I agree with the age of 12-13, many kids' bodies are physically ready, but they are not emotionally ready.

    On another note, I also know that all of these stories are true. It is very common to hear stories where I love about so-and-so doing something with so-and-so. I heard these stories as early as my 8th grade year. All the stories about people having oral in the classrooms, etc., are true. Although it has never happened in any of my classes (to my knowledge), I hear about it all the time. One of my own friends had oral with 2 girls in our school's auditorium during school hours. I was shocked when I he told me what he had done.

    Largely, many of these people are just looking for quick pleasure. Some get what they want and think nothing of it, but also many are left emotionally devestated after what happens. I know a couple of my friends who had sex at an early age, and after they did it that one time, they realized that it was too early and what could have happened, and they aren't doing it anymore.

    Whatever the case...12-13 is just way too young...
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    I agree with kermi and David. When I said mature earlier, I meant mentally. At that age, heck even at my age, (I'm 17), most people are thinking about what they are going to do with their friends during the upcoming weekend. They are thinking about fun things to do; they're not mature enough to handle the responsibility that comes with being a parent.

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    > they're not mature enough to handle .. being a parent.
    I agree with that, but, that isn't the outcome if you're safe.

    ...and, I certainly don't treat sex that way currently. That's not saying I don't want to have children, _later on_. Sex is fun. That's all it is right now, and all it will be, no matter what. (read between the lines if you want, or refer to below)

    > they're not mature enough to handle .. being a parent.
    I certainly don't treat sex that way currently.

    But, that's just me.
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    Rambling Man
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    Believe it or not but I can honestly say I have turned down sex with a girl. The time wasn't right for several reasons. The main reason being that I didn't want to take a chance of getting a girl pregant, because I didn't have any protection on me. Another reason being that I was not expecting it at all, as well as, I did not know the girl very well at the time (all of but a few days). This does not mean I won't do it at all but at that particular moment I knew it wouldn't be a good decision. Basically, it all comes to down to when to make the right decision and knowing before-hand what the "right decision" is. I figured I will have other oppurtunities for it, so there's no point in doing it a time that isn't smart. But not all people are able to think things through as well.

    Btw, I don't think it's smart to (soley) practice abstinence to teenagers. IMO, teaching teenagers when to have sex but at the appropriate time would be very beneficial for some people, as well.

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    Disagreeably Disagreeable
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    I think by high school (primarily the later years), most kids are both physically and emotionally able to participate in sexual intercourse. Don't overestimate our maturity, but don't underestimate it either.

    I think, in general, that middle school is too young. Most kids, in my experience, just aren't ready to handle it. They aren't emotionally ripe yet.

    Of course there are exceptions on both sides of the fence.

    As for the original topic: No, I don't think kids having sex at those young ages is shocking. I'm not surprised at all. Every year, kids are doing more and more older things at a younger age. Do I think it's too young in most situations, yes. Not shocking though...

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    Just one more wrong move. -KEN-'s Avatar
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    No, I'm not surprised at all. I'm a sophomore in highschool, and it's not the least bit surprising. Although, I did say that it's entirely too young.

    Based on my own experiences, stories of my friends, and slutty girls coming on to me, I can also tell you absolutely it's all true. I've heard storied of as young as 5th grade - yikes!

    I don't see the point...those kids aren't anywhere near emotionally ready to handle it, and I'll bet you that there's no real attraction between the two beyond physical (which gets us into lust vs. love....but I really don't want to get into that ). I think what these kids are doing is absolutely abhorrent. My reasons don't include pregnancy, because the majority of these kids probably are using some form of protection. Lots of my friends say that they wouldn't even consider sex with a girl unless there were some form of protection (of course this probably excludes marriage).

    Heh...this kind've reminds me of a friend of mine. He had sex his first time at about 12, and last year at the end of school me and some people were trying to help him tally up how many girls he's had sex with (or was it how many times he'd had sex?) Anyhow, we came up with about 47. I'm sure that's a much higher number by now...

    I can't stand how the media promotes sex with almost all of its power. "But sex sells!" - that's how you enter into the viscious cycle. If sex sells, and you promote sex, then everyone's not going to see a problem with it -and when people find sex more attractive, it WILL sell to them.

    The thing I can't stand is when people have sex in the movie theater. I mean....EWWWW...! I know for a fact that people have oral, and masturbatory sex in the movies all the time...I find it incredibly disgusting. All too public for me; not to mention you're fouling up a public place where other people have to be. I always love it when young kids (middle school and under) get caught having sex....serves them right.

    edit: And a bit off topic...
    >>On a side note, there are kids as young as twelve that are smoking marijuana with their parents. My friends have seen it at a James Taylor concert. The toughest part is that parents are partaking in this activity with their kids.<<

    It's all bad parenting. I don't see anything wrong with kids smoking weed, because then I'd be a hypocrite what with my rampant alcoholism and all . But anyway, I know two girls that have been completely screwed up because their parents did drugs. One's a complete druggy, and the other one's a bit better, but still does quite a few drugs.

    But I digress....don't go into the drug topic. I don't want to detract from the original.

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    Seven years? civix's Avatar
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    UH..erm....bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad! Bad kids!

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    Originally posted by Eibro
    Oh, and personally... I think 12-13 is too young. For one, you haven't even learned about it yet (unless your parents taught you) and two, kids that age are most likely not physically mature enough to be doing it. [/B]
    However, a lot of kids in schools these days are learning it at an earlier age whether through sex education or from their classmates. I believe I had sex education in school when I was in 4th or 5th grade. And this was quite awhiles ago.

    Also as others have pointed out, by that age, most are already physically mature enough to do it.
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    > 12-13 is too young. For one, you haven't even learned about it yet
    The first time I accidently saw sex, I hunted it down. (speaking maturely here) It turned me on, and I loved it. This was .... 6th grade maybe(wouldn't surprise me if it was younger).

    S'nothing though, ..have a friend who's been masturbating since preschool.
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    I lurk
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    You may learn what sex is in elementry school, but I doubt you were taught birth control/stds/risks/laws/do's/don'ts until at least middleschool/junior high. Knowing of it is one thing, knowing it is another. Just because you know of VB doesn't make you an uber-l337 C++ programmer.

    You need to be properly taught this stuff; rumours from your friends, what you see on TV and your own conclusions simply don't cut it.

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    > Just because you know of VB doesn't make you an uber-l337 C++ programmer.
    Of course.

    > You need to be properly taught this stuff; rumours from your friends, what you see on TV and your own conclusions simply don't cut it.
    See above.

    I personally have a damn fine handle on that stuff. But yeah, being educated about it all is a very good thing, and the point of this thread was 13 is too young. It's just...wrong.
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