Thread: Oh memories...

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    Oh memories...

    Lol, I was looking through my first posts here and I found this one. Adrian was getting pretty frustrated with me! Take a look at the date: 09-12-2001. Ages ago. Ive come a long way since then. I sound like a mssive newbie! Like the ones I help (sometimes) ! Couldn't stop laughing at this:
    YES! YES! YES!

    <fx head bumping on the desk> bump bump bump </fx>

    YES! YES! YES!

    YOU don't know what files are in the directory, but to delete a file, the DeleteFile() function must be told. You cannot say "delete a file - I don't know what it is called" can you? Something has to link the contents of the directory to the mechanism for deleting the file. THAT is why you must log the contents of the directory with FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile()!!!!! You then pass the name of each file that they find to the delete service.

    <fx> bump bump bump..... </fx> !!!
    Sorry bout that Adrian! Glad I know more now, are you?

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    I dont think I have every seen anyone so frustrated when trying to answer a question for a noob.

    I love his <fx head bumping on the desk> bump bump bump </fx>.


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