Thread: is this good?

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    We are all good law abiding citizens.

    No-one ever uses the internet to download software.

    Especially Microsofts software...
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    Yep, MS crap is more trouble to download than its worth. Even the stuff they give away is near impossible to get. And if they choose to stop giving it away...
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    I think this is definitely your best bet.

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    > I think this is definitely your best bet.
    Hell no it's not. (You can let this thread go a little off topic people...just keep it fairly relevant)

    My g/f's parents computer has WinME. It's DOG DOG DOG SLOW! God, and I don't know why.

    They have a NIC card, and a kid who knows enough about everything..including computers told me that NIC cards can slow down a computers startup time...I believe this..sorta, but, I'm not really sure if it'll slow down a computer's performance over all.

    That, and the box only has 64mb RAM. It has a 733mhz Celeron, which runs some emulators faster than my pc, but, since the box only has 64mb of ram, EVERYTHING is dog slow until it actually gets loaded into memory and starts being used repeatedly.

    My parents computer doesn't have a NIC card but, it has 256mb RAM feeding information to a 500mhz CPU. We used to run Win98 on it, but went to XP. No matter what was used, it was always faster than that WinME PeoplePC box my g/f's parents used.

    This thing is so unbelievable. 1 minute30 seconds > load time. Just to open a my computer window and close it takes 6-10 seconds. It does sooo much damn thinking. GAWWWWWD!!!

    I HATE WINME!!!!
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