Sorry to be too subtle for you face_master. I was being sarcastic.

Our outlying station in the outback has access to ISDN, ASDL and gets a discount on install (if not free satallite dish). It is 20Km from the nearest person. Its closest neigbour is a salt mine. I used to sit and wait for trains and watch them build huge salt pyramids.

I live 8Kms from a CBD in a capital city. I can't get better than 56K. Telstra has said "It will be a long time if ever that your house will get broadband".

>>The government hasn't got a ****ing clue - look how long it took Telstra to get its act together and establish broadband connections.<<

I now read Telstra have invoked a 1649 law to protect their anti compeditive behaviour. (Where does Australia get a law created before we were settled?)

They have used govt money to give free satallite dishes to compainies and residences (that will sign-up for thier services) in remote areas where there other compaines were trying to establish themselves.
That is they have compeated unfairly and then invoked a law saying the government consumer protection agencies can't take action against other government agencies.