Thread: [stealth] and a name change?

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    [stealth] and a name change?

    I've been puzzled by this...

    Mithrandir...[stealth]; The same maybe?

    If it is true, wouldnt it be webmaster who would have to make the change?

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    this is true... interesting...
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    Thats what I thought, because there was a post at flashdadee about the most idiotic thread, and [stealth] said it was just a joke, but the peron who made the thread was Mithrandir.

    Someone asked a while back if the name could be changed, cant remember what the answer was, but I always assumed you couldnt. Ah well.

    If it is true that [stealth] chaned the name, why?

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    could they be friends i know it happend to me once some ppl thought 4 ppl on here were one person

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    change name......ask the webmaster, maybe he will edit the db for ya!!
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    Names can only be changed by my reccomendation to the webmaster. It is almost never done except when a name in not appropriate.

    In the future this kind of posts should be taken care of by PM. No more one liners on this topic please. This thread wilkl be closed tommorrow or whenever Mithrandir answers, whichever comes first.

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    Yes I am (or was) known as [stealth] here (that is still my name at another forum). Why did I request it be changed? Well you'll just have to suffer without an answer.

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    or do i...?

    eh... who cares...

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