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    Windows Longhorn

    A student in one my classes presented on Windows Longhorn. Its only in its alpha version, and he showed some new features, but not surprisingly it crashed!.

    Why would windows finally make a stable O/S in XP, and then go out and start making another one, I dont see why you would go and change already.

    Is anyone running it? Anyone know of any of its new features?

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    I am not running it at this time and don't judge the product my it's alpha version.

    As for why microsoft is making another OS for the same reason any software manufacure makes new versions of there programs they wan't people to buy it.
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    I've never heard of it
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    Originally posted by biosninja
    I've never heard of it
    google it, or read this.
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    Just looks like Bill Gates is trying to rip more money from the world... just to make himself feel good
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    i have not heard of windows longhorn

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    Then you, too, should not waste your time here, but instead

    "google it, or read"

    This is not the "me2" board.

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    i think its cool that windows is changing there start menu it needs revamping.

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